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A 2012 Round of Words


This is my official post registering me in Round 1 of 2012’s Round of Words in 80 Days. I’m still making my goals list which will be posted on January 2nd, the official start date. I’m glad to be back, to have this space of my own again even though I’m fairly certain my writing time will be limited as there are a few things coming up in the next 80 days, like a move to a new state. But I’m here!



Happy Everything


May your Christmas be merry.

May your Hanukkah (Chanukah) be bright.

May your Solstice be sacred.

May your Kwanzza be friendly.

May your Chalica be creative.

May your Ramadan be holy.

May your Festivus be unfrustrating.

May your Saturnalia be sunny.

May your Pancha Ganapati be lovely.

May your Humanlight be shining.

May your Wintermas be cozy.

May your Chrismahanukwanzadan be welcoming.

May your Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday be unique.

May your Hogswatch be unfrightening.


And to all those I’ve missed, have a great time. See you next year.


May your Malkh be sunny.

Sunday Productivity


I’ve been sewing all. day. long. My shoulders are aching from hunching over the machine but I got done at least 1 project and have already sold 6 of 7 of them. The funds are going to supplies for the Autism Awareness sewing projects I’ll be making for sale.

As for writing well, I started a new blog. I know what you’re going to say but during my AWOL from NaNo and ROW80 I hatched up the idea of starting an Etsy store and corresponding blog to help off set some of our medical expenses for Max, raise Autism awareness and do a fundraiser for a major organization twice a year.

The blog is the store is (but there’s nothing there yet) and we even have a Facebook page One Small Piece

I’ve written a couple blog posts and am just blow away by the responses. If you get a chance head over there. I appreciate everyone’s support as I make my way through this.