These are stories that currently have a word count. A forewarning: I am terrible at blurbs. And I have a lot of projects.



Collapse Trillogy: Book One

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This is a first person narrative, the first book set in the land of Peropia.


Lila has struggled her whole life. First with filling her mother’s shoes after her death to raise her three younger siblings, and then to fill her father’s after his. At two and twenty, her siblings are grown and she is finally on the verge of taking her life as her own. Until a mysterious stranger visits, throwing her into the real world of myths she had believed only to be fireside stories from her supersitious gypsy tribe.


The Barrens

Book One

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This is written in third person. It’s the first book in a spin off series set in the same land of Peropia but focusing on a remote set of islands called The Barrens. The prologue for this story, which sets up the premise for the series, is currently available for free in my Writings.


The Koroi castle has been in mourning for nearly ten years but Caitlinn has had enough sorrow. She longs to smile and laugh again. Respect for her six brothers and four sisters keeps her always pretending. One day she receives a letter reminding her family of the marriage arranged between her and the son of another island chief from before their tragedy. When the handsome young man arrives, she’s left wondering if the marriage would save her family as well as herself.


Angelic Demonica

I have written and rewritten this story about four times now. I haven’t been able to find the right voice for my characters. This is an urban fantasy set in the near future. I’ve written this current version out to just over 4,000 words.


Angels are the guardians of Souls in the After and Beyond. They watch over humans in the mortal realm and usher them to their final destination. They are both above mortals and yet, envious for though they guard the After and the mortal world, they can never be a part of either. Unless, of course they choose to Fall.


The Blood Pits

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Yet another story that I’ve written out a few times to various lengths and haven’t found the right voice for. I think I got it this time.


Kahia was a princess, daughter to the Queen of the Zhumat. A tribe of warrior men and women who hunted in thick jungles until her hunting party was trapped and captured, transported to a far away land filled with hot suns and dust. Now she has been sold to a man, Lord Golden Dezan who purchased her as a sacrifice, to fight to the death in the Blood Pits for their entertainment. But Kahia has her own plan; to fight for her freedom, rescue her people from slavery and kill Golden Dezan.


Demon Hunter

Written out to 3000 words. A current work in progress.


Lira Harping is not crazy. At least, she really hopes she’s not. It’s hard living with the ability to see Demons everywhere she looks; her neighbor, the govenor, movie stars and mail men. She’s become a recluse, preferring to interact with the world through her computer, and questions her sanity daily.

At the insistence of her best -and only- friend Shella, she goes to a club and finds herself drawn into a world she only wished she imagined.



This is still in story board format though I’ve written out some descriptive scenes and character profiles. I’m excited about this story and really want to get it right.


Many years ago creatures decended from the sky. These beautiful humanoids were so like us which made it hard to distrust them. But they had powers beyond any mere human, they had the power to control the elements. They quickly overcame our governments, establishing themselves as rulers of this new planet that could support their lives. Humans lived in fear, trying hard to maintain the normalcy from Before but at the end of the day, everyone knew they lived and died at the whim of the Elementals.

And then a child was born. A hybrid of species, raised in secret, until her powers started manifesting.


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