What is The Outlandish Avocado?

In short, it’s a blog about fiction writing. In long, it’s a culmination of thirty years of my life on earth empowered by an overwhelming urge to just create. And now, to share.

Why avocados?

I remember reading in a fiction writing how-to book (who’s name elludes me) that the way you describe something in words has to be told as a truth. If written well enough, you can make your reader believe that the sky is red and the ground made of poptarts and they will mentally ingest it as truth. You don’t ever have to explain why or how if you write it convincingly enough. So, to help me remember this I evaluate my writing with the reminder, Is the avocado outlandish? Meaning, have I made my creative impressions while fantastical also believeable or just utterly ridiculous? Do I over-emphaisize, under-minimize or is it enough?

I also eat a lot of them.

Who am I?

Without getting too existential, I’m a woman, my name is Crystal, I’m thirty(ish), I have some (5) kids. I also have a complusive drive write fiction. I have a few things put out on Scribd but I felt that I need an extremely public push to follow through with the three dozen stories I have in various states of completion. Hence, the blog. I’m sometimes snarky, nearly always tired and neurotically driven to create.

I plan to use this format to share my writing, research, product reviews on books, software etc. that aid in fiction writing, outlets for writers to share their work, inspiration and generally my entire journey from first draft to finish.

*I will at some point get better photos


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