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Since starting this blog only a few months ago (really, it’s only been 3 months?) on WordPress I’ve noticed a little widget in the lower corner of my stat’s page. It was interesting seeing how people were finding my blog. And also kinda funny.I was inspired by Amanda McNeil from Opinions of a Wolf posting on her’s last Friday.

I’m actually quite proud of the fact that so many find my blog by actually seraching for it’s name or my name. Though it also seems that there are a lot of people stumbling over here looking for things to do with their hair which is a little odd. And a few people that can’t spell. And one person searching for Avocado Writing Techniques, which *I* will now go look up because I’m intrigued. Anyway, here’s the list of all the ways people have searched and found by blog, either by happy accident or on purpose.

outlandish avocado 11
to much hair 6
avocado 4
outlandish avocado blog 3
crystal cipriani 3
the outlandish avocado 2
blindsight (kindle single) 1
“the genre trap” 1
“white birds” 1
angry eyes flicker 1
the electrifying exploits of the english three 1
bus 1
saintcrow 1
c. m. cipriani twitter 1
can anyone put their ebook on barnes and noble?’ 1
faylinn chronicle 1
outlandish avacado 1
outlandisj avocado 1
dandelion art 1
avocado writing techniques 1
“my hair off” 1

A Writer’s Online Platform Building Campaign


I just stumbled upon this today and since my last blog post was complaining about not knowing how to drive traffic to the site, I think it’s pretty providencial that this came to my attention!

You have until the 31st to enter to be a member of this campaign. Hope to see you around!