Monthly Archives: June 2012

Yes, I’m alive although I’m censored


After a hiatus of this whole year I’ve decided to get back on the writing track. I think some of you will be happy (ecstatic?) to know that Faylinn’s Chronicles will be released as a fully edited AND COMPLETED novel in late November 2012. Because it’s going to take a whole lotta work to meet this deadline I have decided to not release any further serial pieces.

I have plans to team up with an Awesome Professional Editor (and dear tribe friend), Karla (who doesn’t actually know it yet LOL) to bring you a super high quality story.

On another note, I got a request for my short story Krista, which has been published through Amazon’s Kindle service and found out that I have been CENSORED! My book is no longer available through no deliberate action of my own. I’m not sure if I should be proud of that or not. I believe it IS still available through Scribd but if anyone would like to read it and cannot access it, I can email out read-only copies. They won’t be as pretty as the formatted versions for your e-reader but hey, that’s the price for getting your hands on censored material. (also, any reviews would be appreciated since I have none).