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Half Week Round Up


I downloaded GIMP, a free photo/image editing program on Monday. It’s similar to Photoshop but free. Oh, how I love that word. My friend Chelle gave me a quick and dirty over-the-phone tutorial and I made my first ever cover art! I wrote this short story nearly a year ago and I think I might change the title. I’m just not happy with it. If you happen to read it and have suggestions for a name, by all means please let me hear it.  But here it is, a $6 image from Fotolia and a free editing program and I have, what I think, is a fairly professional book cover.

As you can see I have a new pen name. Which isn’t really that much different from my regular name. In fact it is my regular name but I chose to make it genderless, something I’ve read can be important in fiction writing. Still, I bet 99% of the people that read this will pronounce my last name wrong. I debated that too, going with something more non-ethnic but I like my last name. So, there you go.

Now I need to figure out how to upload these to Scribd and possibly Smashwords. If you are looking at creating your own book covers, this blog post at WebDev-il lists out all the different sizes for cover art for all the different electronic devices out there. That site is chock full of information for all different electronic applications. And here is a post that talks about the issues of 300 dpi book covers and sizing issues. Good stuff.

Chelle also helped me set up a domain name so will be live sometime soon and will -hopefully not long after- redirect to this blog. I also changed my screen name on Scribd and set up Smashwords with the new name.

Tuesday I worked playing around on GIMP with the two other book covers. The art I chose for them is perfect but it needs to be changed a bit more than the one above. I’ll post those for review when I have them ready.

For my ROW80 update – Monday I wrote nearly 3,000 words on yet another story. But I have to come to my own defense and say that this is a story line that I’ve written out to 10k words about three times but never found the right voice. It just never came together the right way. I think (which I’ve thought before) that this will be The One. We’ll see.

Tuesday was my day off writing. I organized the homeschool stuff and bought school supplies. Funness!

Today I have my son’s speech therapy which takes up the entire morning. Even though the appointment is less than an hour the drive time to and from eats up another hour and 45 minutes. I’m going to try and write today but we’ll see what happens.


Cover Art


As a reader I understand the importance of cover art. This is the image that will draw you in either online or in the stores long before you read a single word. It is the device that captures the readers as they peruse random shelves of books. It gives you a quick overview of the story in pictures.

I also know the difference between good cover art and bad cover art. The good will draw you in and the bad will have you passing it by without a second thought. The image on the outside does judge what is on the inside regardless of what is written.

Visual stimulation can make someone pick up your story without even reading the back cover. I know, I’ve done it.

I have three stories up on Scribd right now (which you can access for free through the Writings link above) and none have cover art. Well, I take that back, Dead Winter has some horizontal lines but it looks more like a resume than a short story. I’ve decided to rectify that. I think having professional looking cover art will help my readership. I have also been toying with the idea to publish – at least one- through Amazon for free. I definately need cover art for that.

And editing.

While I’m fairly happy with the story Krista I think it could use a little more polishing. Before any of my covers go live, I plan to post them here to see what others think. I’ve already purchased and downloaded the royalty free artwork through which can be used without licence for book cover art as well as edited. I paid $6 a piece and got three images for each of my three stories. If it works out like it looks in my head, I think I’ll have some very nice cover art for these free short stories. Now I need to work on my photoshop skillz.

So what do you think about cover art? Does it impact the books you buy (or don’t buy)? For a new writer does the concept of cover art take a back seat to writing? Is this just “one more” time waster?