80 days of goals


I really haven’t spent as much time on these as I wanted to. The 2nd came up faster than I was prepared, my personal life is still  whirl wind which means the next 80 days of goals are going to be sparse. There’s much doing around here. We’re headed to Disney for a week next Sunday and 2 weeks after we return making an interstate move 300 miles away. There are doctors to move, reschedule and research. Temporary housing to occupy. Bags and boxes to pack. Bags and boxes to unpack. Which make my *writing* goals difficult to maintain and frankly, I can’t handle the stress of over taxing myself right now. So, 80 days of goals is going to be more like a glorified to do list for mostly blog related stuff.

Without further ado here are my 2012 Round 1 goals

– Read three Autism related books and review them on my son’s blog http://www.onesmallpiece.wordpress.com

– currently reading: Developing Talents by Dr. Temple Grandin, Be Different by John Elder Robison, need to pick #3

– Finish reading The Unschooling Handbook

-Finish reading Wheat Belly and review that and Make it Paleo recipes on my Paleo blog http://www.theprimaltribe.wordpress.com

-Write a product review for One Small Piece blog for Joovy and Disney

-Finish my last 2 assignments in my last semster college class and take the final

-Lift heavy things at least three times a week

– Find a gym after we move and sign up for the 12 week bodybuilding.com challenge and blog about it.

– Read Red by Kait Nolan and review it here, read the first of Lauralynn Elliot’s work and blog it here.

-now that I actually own Scrivener, transfer ALL Faylinn’s Chronicles to Scrivener from the blog and outline, write 2 more entries.

– And since I actually own Scrivener, Reread my NaNo novel because I think it has potential and see if it can go anywhere or if it even is any good.


so there you have it. Some small goals, some big, mostly reading and a side of writing. Here’s to not losing my mind.


Just because


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    • Yes moving stinks! But it is giving me an opportunity to evaluate our possessions and really eliminate a lot of clutter from the house. I feel a lot freer every time hubby takes the trailer to the thrift store filled with *stuff* and honestly I can’t even remember but maybe 10% of what we donated.

  1. Hi, Crystal…..is The Unschooling Handbook your first unschooling book? I think your name sounds familiar…..are we connected through unschooling? Sometimes I lose track…..

    I love your goals, and lift heavy things at least three times a week made me laugh! =D

    • We’ve been homeschooling for 5 years but mostly through a *school at home* approach which has never really worked the way I thought it should. I have 5 kids, the youngest is Autistic and non-verbal and I suspect my oldest may have Asperger’s. My oldest daughter has some dyslexia/dyspraxia. Unschooling has always been on the sidelines calling our names I think yet I’ve been too untrusting to allow it much consideration. It’s a shiny bauble in the store, pretty and alluring, but I worry that it’s too fragile for my rambunctious home.

      This is my first official unschooling book, I have a few more listed to read. I’m finding that a lot of these Autism books have an unschooling feel to them, as they mostly promote the child developing at their own pace with some intervention but overall, they push for child led development and learning. I have read many unschooling blogs though (including yours now!).

      I weight-lift and follow a Paleo lifestyle and that’s what we call it instead of “working out” since that sounds boring. 🙂

  2. Great goals! Don’t stress over what you don’t do. Life’s too short for that. Congratulate yourself on all that you do achieve. Onwards and upwards as Reepicheap said in The Last Battle – C.S.Lewis.

  3. Reading goals from my fellow ROWers like you are inspiring. Thank you. I especially loved the “Lift heavy things” because that’s how my husband always describes his work-out attempts. Good luck on the move.

  4. Crystal, you’re going to be so busy for awhile! I hope you’ll be able to keep your stress level down. Just don’t try to do too many things that aren’t absolutely necessary right now. Those things will still be there when things calm down. Take care of yourself first, then you’ll be better able to take care of everyone else. And I really admire you for the way you do take care of all your children, especially with the challenges you have. It’s a wonder you’ve EVER found time to write.

    Thank you so much for mentioning me as someone’s work you want to read. That makes me smile. 🙂

    • I love reading which is the majority of my goals is just getting through books I’ve already started. So hopefully, that’ll help me be less stressed. 🙂 Which of your books do you recommend starting with?

      • I always have the hardest time telling people which book to start with! LOL.

        For a ghost story, I would suggest Haunted Lake. For a vampire story. Dark Relic:Vampires’ Curse starts a series, but if you want to read a stand alone, then you might want to consider Guardian Vampire. If you like fantasy with elves, sorcerers, and unicorns, you might like Starfane the best. (This is my mother’s favorite.)

  5. Ugh Moving would be such a pain in the bum, especially with a big family. Good luck on the goals, and even if you can’t achieve as much as you’d like because of life getting in the way, at least there’s always next round 🙂

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