Sunday Productivity


I’ve been sewing all. day. long. My shoulders are aching from hunching over the machine but I got done at least 1 project and have already sold 6 of 7 of them. The funds are going to supplies for the Autism Awareness sewing projects I’ll be making for sale.

As for writing well, I started a new blog. I know what you’re going to say but during my AWOL from NaNo and ROW80 I hatched up the idea of starting an Etsy store and corresponding blog to help off set some of our medical expenses for Max, raise Autism awareness and do a fundraiser for a major organization twice a year.

The blog is the store is (but there’s nothing there yet) and we even have a Facebook page One Small Piece

I’ve written a couple blog posts and am just blow away by the responses. If you get a chance head over there. I appreciate everyone’s support as I make my way through this.

About C.M. Cipriani

Crystal is a thirty-something mom of five. Super overachiever, bookworm, fabric hoarder, homeschool teacher, wife, gardener, and writer all while trying hard not to be a short-order cook.

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  1. I found your blog yesterday (hey, I’m a researcher, after all), and the response is incredible. It’s wonderful that you’ve started the Etsy store and FB page.

    I will scold you, though, for selling us short. I think you’ll find a lot of us who will support your writing the autism blog, even though we will miss Faylinn and your other characters. There’s no reason you can’t make that blog your ROW80 goals–people have done papers for school and dissertations, why not that blog?

    • I won’t give up on my fiction writing. I’m trying to find my balance between doing all this stuff. Fiction writing is really near and dear to my heart and I won’t be leaving any time soon, just give me some time to work out that balance and kick my ass when I neglect my writing 🙂

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