Happy Halloween!


This weekend my mom came up to spend Halloween with us. I LOVE Halloween, fall, harvest all that stuff. Though it’s hard to get into it down here in Florida what with the three colors we have; green, dead and cement. I do really miss the northern Autumns I grew up with. For some reason it just doesn’t “feel” like fall to me when there are highs in the 80’s. But I still love the season and grab hold of whatever I can.

Since being a parent and learning how to read packaging labels I’ve discovered there is one aspect of Halloween I just. can’t. stand. The Candy. Oh my word, the kids are like saccharine vampires constantly begging to sink their teeth into another sugary treat. Or maybe it’s more like a werewolf with a mouth full of razor sharp sweet teeth. The fights that ensue over me trying to pour the cold drought of reason over their burning sweet desire are EPIC. (like the fact that they’re just at this moment in the midst of a series of dental appointments to get fillings done for cavities, the pinch of that needle barely enough to keep them restrained) So the Switch Witch visited us last night.

It also means that I’m pretty busy.

Do not anger the bee.

I’ve just finished up a week long Tarot reading for story writing class which was amazing. I can’t even tell you how many ideas and progress of my story line I’ve gotten in the class. I’ll be posting specifically about that soon. So, I’ve made some progress on NaNo outlining, I’ve worked out a couple times, I haven’t really blogged much and I haven’t worked on Faylinn’s Chronicles at all. UGH!

Today hubby and I are going out to brekkie while mama watches the kids! Then heading to the toy store while we can to check out this thing I want to get the baby. Tomorrow, Max has speech therapy which means my day is usually shot, plus we’re down to 1 vehicle so I have to make the 35 mile one way trip four times in one day. Great way to gear up for NaNoWriMo huh?


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  1. great thinking nano time tho’ or is the car not your place for inspiration – i get many ideas in mine – all the best killing that sugar addiction!!! and all the best this coming week

  2. I hear you on the one vehicle! Thankfully, My Guy’s office isn’t too far. The tarot class was awesome and I can’t wait to apply more of it. Good luck with NaNo and the upcoming week 🙂

  3. We are also a one car family and I work like 45 mins drive away. My poor wife has to walk eveywhere with three kids.
    You said your son has speech therapy sessions. My youngest son does too. He will be three in December but doesn’t talk yet. He also starts at an observation group tomorrow because he shows a lot of signs of having autism. It’s gonna be weird having him gone two mornings a week and quite a way from home too. It’s for the best so I know its a good thing but will be weird.

    I love Halloween and have promised myself that one year I will be in America for it, because Holland, they just let it fly by. I mean the scariest movie on tv this whole *Halloweekend – that is the tv networks own title* was Corpse Bride.

    The tarot class sounds interesting, I have always wondered how it works. You are right there are a lot of story avenues that can spread from tarot.
    Good luck with NaNo. I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines the whole way through.

  4. My son, Max, is three in December too! He was born on Christmas day. They’re also suggesting Autism but he’s high functioning just non-verbal/communicative. We’re trying ASL (American Sign Language) with him but he’s a reluctant signer. His speech therapy is 45 minutes away and the second of the week the lady comes here but only until he turns three.

    • That sounds a lot like my son. We are trying some signs with him but he doesn’t relly get it. But he knows how everything works and can think things through logically. He wanted to sit at the table so moved his small chair agaisnt it but then couldn’t get in. He looked at it, then moved the chair back, stood infornt and then pulled it against him. He can also draw amazing things for his age. Castles with turrets and spires, people with faces, hair, fingers and toes etc. This observation is for 4 months then we will get a diagnosis. My son was born 17th December.

  5. Wow, more power to you! We’re also a one car family so I can relate to the driving lots of miles. I’m like the family taxi driver. Congrats on your progress on the Nano outline. Wishing you a good week and some good NaNo time.

    Visiting from Row80.

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