Humpday Update ROW80


I have been trying to write more content lately, rather than just use this space as a twice weekly update. I got some really good feedback on Sunday’s so I wrote another yesterday and either the content is lacking or my entire audience is focused just on Sun/Wed (which is fine). I just put a lot of effort into them so I want to make sure they’re utilized.

So I’m wondering if I should bother writing informational things on writing and story building and character creations and the like on any other day but those? Or should I go ahead, write those articles on non-ROW days, and hope the readership comes? I want to get the information, ideas, etc to you guys so tell me the best way to do it.


As for my goals since Sunday not much has happened

-Already commented on 5 fellow ROW80’ers WEd update posts and will probably do a few more

-Read 1/2 chapter 3 in Nancy Kress’s Character book

-Halfway through the workshop on story creating with the Tarot

-Almost done with Alex Laybourne’s Highway to Hell and will have the review up shortly

-Outlined some characters for my NaNoWriMo novel

I worked out, playing and bike riding Sunday which gave me three days of WOD’s in a row and also made me super tired. So I haven’t done anything Mon/Tues but plan to get back to the work outs today. I also put up a few more blog posts on my Paleo blog.


How are you doing on your goals? Getting ready for November 1st? Do you think I should focus craft related posts on Sun/Wed or hope the readership comes later?


About C.M. Cipriani

Crystal is a thirty-something mom of five. Super overachiever, bookworm, fabric hoarder, homeschool teacher, wife, gardener, and writer all while trying hard not to be a short-order cook.

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  1. Best wishes with NaNoWriMo! I’m jugging edits, reading craft books, and outlining novel ideas. I’m making progress, but I wish I could clone myself and get more done. (My family might like that clone idea too so they could have a clean house and yummy meals.) Happy writing!

    • I think moms should go on a list to automatically get a robot as soon as they have good ones. I wish I had the Rosie robot from the Jetsons. Sigh.

  2. I say you should keep blogging on non-check-in days … the readership will come … it takes time …
    Sometimes, I also think about not blogging anymore about other things, about writing and reading, etc, but my readership already increased a little … I think time helps … now, if only my posts were more interesting lol
    You’re doing NaNo? Nice, me too! Good luck with it 😉
    See you around!

    • See you at NaNo next week! I’m working hard to get a good solid character development and outline going. Good luck to you too!

  3. Good luck on NaNo! I’m knee deep in edits and writing a new MS in between so I don’t think NaNo is for me this time. And I agree with Juliana, keep blogging on non-check in days. Monday and Fridays seem to be good blogging days. My main post is on Thursday with Thriller Thursday, and some times it’s hard to pull in the readership, but you just have to keep writing about the things you love. Good luck!

  4. Crystal, you do keep busy! Congrats on getting so much done. Hopefully will see you on nano, though I haven’t been able to been able to get to buddies yet. Have a good week.

    • I think the buddies comes on line when NaNo does. Which kinda stinks cause I’ll waste NaNo time adding people. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I know what you mean about having the blog being more than just ROW80 updates. Right now I’m doing a friday post and I’ll tell you, traffic is terrible on the non-ROW80 days. Readers come in time. Post it and people will get there. It may not be today but at some point someone will see it. Just keep up the FB posts and Tweets and you’ll bring them in. Anyway, it looks like you’re still productive. But look at the bright side, you’ll have to be starting next week with NaNo!

  6. I’m guilty of only posting ROW updates on my blog (and also of only blog hopping on ROW update days); but that’s the entire reason I got back into blogging in the first place. Buuut, with November right around the concern, the NaNo crowds will be slavering for blogs to help keep them motivated / interested / on track with their writing. So I’ll echo Ryan and say: the readers will come if you keep at the blogging!

    Good luck!

  7. Keep blogging on non-Row days, but only if you have something to say. Don’t blog just for the sake of blogging. You will only get a following if you have an enjoyable read. I only do ROW 80 on Wednesdays and Sundays. I reserve my other days for my regular following. It’s hard work, but I see the benefits.

  8. I’m going with the other folks. Blog on the other days. Readers will come. Don’t forget to back link to previous related articles. I’m working on that now. It will help new readers find other articles of interest on your blog. So you could write your ROW80 post just as a check in, but then give us a little treat of a link to one of your other posts that’s relevant to writers. I bet you’d get a lot of folks doing more exploring on your blog, and it wouldn’t require you to do extra long posts on ROW days.

  9. I was just asking myself the same thing about when to post non-update blogs. Sometimes I combine the two; sometimes I post separately. It all comes down to if I think its worth posting, I just post it and see who trickles in, if anyone. I’m still pretty new at this and get shy about putting myself out there. What has been helpful for me in terms of keeping up with other bloggers though is Google reader (just added your blog to my list!) It really helps me keep me up to date on the blogs I follow while I’ve got down time at work or just watching TV. (just wish their interface was better) All that being said, with NaNo coming in a matter of days, i worry I might not have time for any blogging, updating or otherwise! In fact, I am just hoping I have to eat and sleep! 😀 Good luck on your goals this week and see you in NaNo (I’m KatMorrisey over there!)

  10. Yes, I echo everyone above: keep blogging on non-check-in days. It does take some time to build up a consistent following, but it *will* happen. I was actually really excited to see your world-building and map post yesterday, and I haven’t had the chance to comment, but that’s the next thing on my to-do list. 😀

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