Wednesday Recap


I’ve been a little busy since Sunday.

I was quoted in this blog post on A Round of Words in 80 Days blog (Which you’ve heard me call ROW or ROW80).

Then I was linked in this blog post by Nadja Notariani for my Meme post last Wednesday. And here is another link on Memes from the Smithsonian (thanks Lena Corazon for the link!) if you want to research Memes even further.

Tuesday, Faylinn’s Chronicles got another 1400 words added bringing the grand total for the serial up to over 16,000 words! I’m still plugging along at it, I’m hoping to get a few more out by the end of October though my initial ROW80 goal of finishing the series might not happen. There is still SO much that needs to happen before I can call The End. I’d love to do this as an illustrated novel or as Lauralynn suggested expand it to book form.

I’ve also written a few more blog posts in my Paleo blog Journey of the Primal Tribe. Including video of my baby (well, he’s almost three…)


I was determined that I wouldn’t be doing NaNoWriMo this year (I participated the past 2 years) as it just seems like too much and what happens yesterday while vacuuming?? I get a fracking story idea. AND not just an idea, the whole beginning is playing out in my head like a movie I can’t shut off. Yep. I wrote down as much as I could trying to brain dump it but the damn movie reel is still going. Over and over. I think this is why authors have a tendency to drink.

Yes, I’m paying attention to you but inside my head I’m watching a story…

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  1. Don’t you just love it when ideas just hit you out of nowhere! I had a very plausible dream Last that i can work on too -so I certainly hear ya. Maybe just write that story outside of NaNo? That way the stress won’t be on you? 🙂

    Keep that PMA going 😀

  2. LOL! Got to love ideas and how they strike. I swear they get SWAT or Special Forces training. They come out of nowhere! We can plan all we like but our stories and characters tend to change those plans- frequently. Just keep that goal in mind and keep working on it. You’ll be at “The End” when you need to be. Sounds like you might be doing NaNo after all 😉 Oh and the checkboxes? It’s just a little bit of html thrown into your blog post. Like: If you don’t wanted it checked, just remove the word “checked”.

    • Oh no, HTML? I have no time to learn these things. I even brain dumped orally (eww that sounds gross) to my husband last night trying to tell all the things that are happening. And what do I get when I wake up this morning?? A frickin boat in a storm sailing through my minds eye. AARRGGHHH!

  3. This “I didn’t want to NaNo but got attacked by a story idea” seems to be catching around ROW. Like a strange word-love virus, it is nibbling away at our will, one writer at a time!!

    Loved popping in & am going to check out the Memes after I post this comment…. glad to find you on ROW this morning!

  4. I had the exact same thing happen to me recently involving aliens! I have such interesting epic dreams. Actually, I’ve had my idea for Nano since earlier this year. But this alien story might make it 20K I dunno, its pretty epic. Good luck in the next week! Take care!

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