The whole house fell in love.


I am an avid reader (as my nearly 600 reviews on goodreads can attest). I also have a couple kids that have started reading at an early age. Yet, even though they had an easy time learning how to read instilling that love of reading has been difficult. It’s easy to make reading a chore, especially where school is involved.

If you didn’t know, we homeschool. So while we don’t have the pressure of a reading list or standards, it’s been a struggle to get my capable children to actually read. Which is also ridiculously frustrating to someone that would gladly spend the rest of my life snuggled in a bed, the rain dancing on the roof, reading until I pass out just to wake up and do it again.

But lately, it seems the entire house has fell in love.

With Harry Potter.

that's not a big book, she's a small kid

First the 9 year old started with book 1, after he finished it the six year old picked it up. She’s on chapter 12 and the past few mornings I’ve woken up to her snuggled in the chair reading by the morning’s light. It’s hard for her, being only six some of the nuances go over her head, but she’s diligently plugging away at it.

The nine year old is on book three and I’m wondering if I need to buy another book 1 so the eight year old can start it. She’s patiently waiting for her little sister to finish.

We’ve been watching the movie after someone finishes a book. It’s funny to hear them disparage the movie as not being accurate to what they read. I’m really hoping this is the jumpstart they need to devour other books and series. I suppose we’ll see. As for now, even hubby and I are anxious to fall in love with Harry Potter again.


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  1. That’s so great that your children are so proficient at reading. My boys were like that, too, and one of them is still an avid reader at 22. (The 29 year old would rather play video games, lol.)

    Harry Potter is great to get those imaginations working. I’m impressed that your six year old even attempts these books!

  2. I’m with Lauralynn and impressed your 6 year-old is attempting the series. My older two devoured the series (the oldest at least twice, LOL) and my 8 year-old wants to read them but they are beyond him at this point so I’m reading them to him and the 5 year-old. It speaks to what an amazing story Rowlings penned.

    Happy reading 🙂

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