Safflower Oil is my own personal Hell


This might be an interesting first check in for ROW80 but Monday night Safflower oil and I got into a rumble after my Chiropractic massage muscle reeducation therapy (not even as fun as it sounds). By the time I got home I was itching on my thighs. 11:20 p.m. I was up searching the bed sure I was being eaten alive by ants. 9 a.m. Tuesday I had hives breaking out All. Over. Let me repeat that, ALL OVER. Which is what happens when a massage therapist applies oil you’ve never been slathered with from you SCALP to your TOES. No joke. I can’t even exaggerate this more than it is because it is sooo out there.

This *everywhere*. Yes, everywhere.

Yesterday I got a steroid shot and a script for six days of oral steroids plus Benedryl. It didn’t help. Today my face was swelling my eyes closed, my ears had swelled and redded and it moved to my palms and soles. You would not even believe how bad that itches. At least sixth circle worthy. The hospital gave me another shot, plus an oral med, and yet another shot in the opposite hip. Then I got a script for even better Benedryl which makes me loopy.

I’m feeling a bit better. A bit.

And I still can’t feel half my hand.

I go back Friday and you have no idea how scared I am.



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  1. Oh no!!! That looks so painful and I’m sure it feels even more painful! I wonder if the chiropractor even realizes that allergic reactions to that oil is possible? Better let them know before someone else has to go through such hell. 😦

  2. Eeep! I can just imagine what that must be like. Scary! As well as itchy. Hope it doesn’t take you too much longer to get over your reaction. I’d never heard of safflower as causing anyone problems before, but everyone is different. Too bad you had to discover it the hard way. Rest up as best you can.

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