A Round of Words 4


In July I signed up for my first ever ROW80. You might have seen me posting about my progress during that time. Round three ended yesterday and the new one starts up October 3rd.

This is my official sign up for round four. Over the next week I’ll be figuring out my personal goals for these 80 days, which will most likely be more than just writing goals. Dedicating myself to this wonderful group of people for 80 days has really turned my writing around. Where before I wrote in solitude, I now write with friends. I enjoy sharing my writing now instead of hiding it, embarassed, worried no one would like it. The support I’ve gathered has been phenomenal. Not to mention myriad of tools which help me be a better writer.

So, October 3rd the new round will start and I’ll post my new goals to get done before the new year.


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  1. Crystal, isn’t it great how we’ve all met such wonderful people in ROW80? I’ve been with ROW80 since the beginning and it’s been great. It’s so nice to share with others some of the frustrations as well as the accomplishments in our writing journey.

    I look forward to seeing you in Round 4!

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