Dice Games week 3


Go here if you’re completely confused as to what this flash fiction challenge is. This is my prompt for this week (and it’s also my birthday today!) This is soo hard for me because I do not write Sci-Fi. I’ve been procrastinating this piece for much of two weeks. I hope you enjoy me stepping out of my comfort zone 🙂

5 – So they finally discovered life on Mars, and now the Aliens are mighty pissed off.


Even Aliens have losers

It was all over the news. Every channel was playing it. The monumental moment when a white clad human encountered a living, breathing Alien. The entire city was breathless, waiting for the consequences, the fall out. The decades of speculation were over, now they all knew. There were no backseys this time.

How could  he have been so stupid?

Everyone knew that Mortimer Plinkston was a drunk, a louse, a no good member of society but now his name and face were plastered everywhere like a celebrity. Up and down the streets people were discussing, arguing, contemplating everything Mortimer. His fifteen-minutes of fame were burning hard and fast like a meteorite streaking across the sky. It didn’t help that I was his only living relative. Every minute of every day someone was bugging me, asking about Mortimer. The question on everyone’s lips was “Why?”

 “If the humans ever let him go, I guess we can ask him then.” I replied and then shut myself up in my house and wished them all away. Fifteen minutes can be a really, really long time.

Once the shock died down, once it was realized that the humans wouldn’t be bringing Mortimer back, the usual pitiful distain that accompanied that waste of a being, turned into a seething rage. It didn’t matter any more that Mortimer had once stolen a Berestbinger and smashed it into the Mayor’s house. Or that he was semi-respectfully “removed” from the opening of the History museum by armed guards for pissing on an irreplacable painting. Or that he had been out on bail when the humans landed for something completely unrelated.

It only mattered that Mortimer Ubeki Plinkston, son of the Bitch that he was, had been stolen. Galhem only knew what those barbarians were doing to the poor, poor soul now.

And Galhem help those infantile humans for their stupidity because when the People of the Republic of Mars got angry, bodies hit the floor.

I watched the fighter pods launch from my second story window. The dome above us opened to show the studded veil of black universe beyond. There was a reason we didn’t want to be found. As non-confrontational as we were, there were lines that didn’t get crossed.

I watched the news, the reports came in fast and unapologetic. I felt a sad kind of pity for the humans as I watched their planet be systematically distroyed. I wondered how they’d feel if they knew it was all because Mortimer was a loser that couldn’t hold his liquor.


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    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I was really out of my comfort zone with this. Since I’m doing Flash Fiction pieces to stretch my zone and my abilities I’m trying to look at the challenges outside the box. Writing from different perspectives, this one with some humor which I don’t normally do either, that kind of thing.

  1. Lol, The ending line was awesome. The desmise of a planet due to a loser drunk alien. They have a similar society to us and if an alien actually stole a human the war would be on in that scenerio as well. Great job!

  2. I’d say you nailed Sci-fi with this (and happy birthday)! I think the trick is no matter the genre if you find the essential ‘human’ experience within it, find the characters and listen to them, you can tell a story you and your readers can enjoy. In this case the length wasn’t a problem, since 1,000 words is a cap not a requirement and I haven’t even hit it with any of mine.
    I love that you tell this from the Martian’s perspective, you handle that very well, and love that a world annihilating war is started by the abduction of a drunk Martian. I also love that it’s a little while before it’s clear that Mortimer is the Martian as opposed to the astronaut–which is a nice touch.
    Feel sorry for both the narrator and for the people of Earth who weren’t involved in the drunk-napping. Actually the Martians not wanting to be found but lashing out violently when offended reminds me a little of Timothy in mine for this week, but on a larger scale.

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