Sunday ROW80


I’m writing this from the past as if all goes 100% I’ll be at a hotel this morning with NO CHILDREN for the very first time in my 13 year marriage. Yeah, I’m due. I left Saturday morning so no work got done on Saturday and if all goes well no writing today either! I really need this break, burn-out is eating me alive.

Wednesday I wrote another 800+ Faylinn’s Chronicles I’m nearing 10k words with this is a month. I’m pleased with the progress but I’m not sure really where this is going. Whenever I sit down at the computer I am just writing what I hear her say, what she tells me happened since the last time I wrote for her. It’s an interesting experience not having any idea where something is going and being completely okay with it. Thursday I wrote a couple hundred on the 4th Dice Games prompt.

And that’s all I did this week because I think my brain went on vacation before I did.


I really need to get a thing down for my goals. I had made one for blog postings and then got swept away by Faylinn and the various flash fiction pieces. Some of the challenges fall on days that I have other blog things scheduled.

I really need to dedicate more time to reading books on writing. I read a tremendous amout of blog posts which are good and serve their purpose but don’t give me all the tools I need and lets face it, we writers need a pretty hefty tool box.

Getting to the end of ROW80, this being my first go-ROWnd and all, I’m realizing that writing isn’t just about writing. I’m sure I could hole myself up in some darkened bedroom and type out a novel over time but having those tools and being a part of a larger community of writers is what is going to change those darkened manuscripts into something people want to read. I’d rather write one thing over a year and gather up tools than write many books in that same time and not have anything to really build with.

So, I can see my goals for the rest of ROW80 will be to work toward these other things while still trying to maintain my goals.


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  1. We all need breaks! That’s about the only way to truly prevent burn out. Or get OVER burn out. 🙂

    The good thing about not knowing where Faylinn is going is that YOU get to be surprised, too. As a true pantser, almost all of my stories are like that. The characters keep surprising me over and over. LOL

  2. Yup, Crystal, writing is a craft, and we have to learn it somewhere, be it books, or workshops, or practice, practice, practice (and rejection, rejection, rejection …)

    The good news is, if you’re determined (stubborn) and willing to spend many hours with butt in chair and can take criticism, you will succeed! The bad news is, you will need many, many hours of butt in chair and many many rejections (at least if you’re like me and all of my published friends).

    Good luck on the goals, and have a great week!

  3. The Faylinn Chronicles seem fascinating! Need to go back to the beginning and read from there, but with everything on my plate this week I don’t think I’ll get to it until next week at the earliest. But I am definitely committing to doing it, because they seem interesting and the rest of your writing has definitely engaged me.

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