First September Sunday Update


I’m keeping this short and sweet.

– I made my 750 word writing goal 2x since Wednesday both on Faylinn’s Chronicles resulting in an 180o+ word update that was done Friday but didn’t get up until Saturday.

–  I posted on more than 5 fellow ROW80’ers Wednesday update blog posts.

– I worked out! For 18 minutes one day this past week. I’ve also gotten into the habit of wearing work out clothes around the house on days I am not going out so I can off shake the excuse of having to change

– I have a flash fiction piece scheduled for tomorrow’s Dice Games and will be working on next weeks this coming week. I also hope to get a few more Faylinn up, things are getting exciting I think.

There are a lot of things I need to get organized and prioritized. I’ll be working more on those goals this week, keeping the word counts down to just the flash fiction and Faylinn for now. My mind is in a bit of chaos with lots of goings on, some not so good. I hope to get more stuff organized and put together on the critique group. I’ve been solitary this week and it’s showing.


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  1. Heya Crystal, chin up -you are doing great regardless. I know some days -even weeks can just be a pain, but I am certain you will sail through this little mistiness. If you need to toss ideas etc -give me a shout and let’s get working on it 🙂

    • Thanks Oz! I’m going to make a list. I think organizing my blog posts will help, get X written on X day and such so that I can also write in advance.

  2. Organisation is key! I am trying to get organised as I am back to work and need to work out exactly when I will fit in writing. Oh and plan for NaNo. I need a list!

    Have a great week!

  3. organization is my least favourite word – am so bad at it – sometimes the chaos in my mind drives me around the bend however you seem to be gaining control so well done you and all the best for coming week

  4. I’m still trying to figure out organisation, myself and my mind was also in a bit of spin this weekend but sounds like you’re moving along nicely with your goals. Best of luck for this week.

  5. Totally feeling you on the need to get things organized, but we’ll get it done! I’m behind on my Dice Games flash fic and my writers’ campaign flash fic, but, you know, one thing at a time.

    Hope your week is going well!

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