Writing Tools & Wednesday Update


Now *that's* outlandish! (and also awesome)

For this weeks Writing Tools I wanted to introduce whomever hasn’t already been introduced to Margie Lawson. She has an online Writer’s Academy offering both downloadable lecture packets on her courses or month long courses to sign up for. I have her packet Empowering Character’s Emotions. This is a HUGE lecture packet. The first section is 23 full pages long. I’m printing these out one section at a time, this particular packet has 9 lessons and a wrap up. I’m going to keep them in a binder so I can review them as I need to. But you’ll get all the word documents at one time with unlimited ability to print or access them. If you sign up for an online lecture, the packet comes with it for $8 more than the packet alone.

They are meant to be done throughout a full month. I had ordered this a couple months ago and just bought the next in the series for myself for my upcoming birthday. I am planning to work on these alone but it’d be great to have someone to bounce ideas/information around with (hint, hint, iCrit friends…)

If you have some time, go check out her site, she has free examples of her method and much more information that I can offer up here.


Work in Progress blog trackers

I have seen on other blogs really nice looking word count progress meters that they display on side bars under cover art. I really like this though I don’t have the cover art yet. I’ve signed up to try out www.storytoolz.com they allow you three free work in progress trackers. They remind me of something I’d have used back when I wrote (very bad) HTML for a website back in 1997 but it’s free and functional. Check out my Work In Progress page to see how it looks.


For my ROW80 update : Sunday I did 16 comments on other’s blogs making up for missing Wednesday. I also got to the library in the afternoon and wrote Monday and Tuesday’s Faylinn stories which totaled 1900 words, then wrote another 700 on a flash fiction piece scheduled for Sept 5th.

Monday was a free day for us, meaning no homeschool. Middle daughter went swimming with manatees and her daddy. I made the storytoolz trackers and added them to the blog.

Tuesday we had a little crisis with our chickens and ended up burying five of them. It was a sad day. I edited a little Faylinn, played Wii Fit and tried to not eat stuff I’m not supposed to. I’m an emotional eater so this was rather hard.

This morning I got 200 words on The Blood Pits done before I had to take baby to his speech therapy. I’m hoping to write a few hundred more and then work on tomorrow’s Faylinn installment. I actually got to talk the series out with hubby last night and have thought of some new ideas I think will come off excellent if I can write them well.


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  1. I love the idea of doing the online lectures (I’ll just need to to lend me that time machine for a few weeks :)) No seriously, sounds good. Just put something on twitter or G+ to remind me (it is late here and I have already had two glasses of wine). Sorry to hear about the chickens. I hope the kids are all coping okay with it…

    • The nice thing with the packets is that we can do it on our own at our own pace. Each is supposed to go through a month with 10 sections but we could always stretch that out to 6 or 8 weeks. Get together when we’ve finished a pre-determiend section and discuss our thoughts on it.

  2. I’m so sorry about the chickens. I hope everyone isn’t too sad. 😦

    I’m loving Faylinn’s Chronicles, so keep cranking those out. It’s good that you can talk out ideas with your husband. I never thought about doing that because my husband never reads fiction, but when I started doing that, I found that he has a great imagination!

    It sounds like you’ve been a busy little bee. 🙂

    • yes, I Think I’ve been a little *too* busy. Feeling a tad overwhelmed right now. The kids are okay, it sucks but the thing about having livestock is that you’ll also have deadstock.

  3. Oooh I’ve been meaning to check out Margie’s info packets. Thanks for the reminder. I think that would be something cool for we iCrit ladies to tackle as well, maybe a little later on in the month or in October? I’m trying to pace myself a little right now.

    I stumbled on this word counter here (http://svenja.atspace.com/wordmeter.html), though I haven’t tried it out yet. And I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on Faylinn yet, but hopefully I can get around to it sometime this evening.

    Sorry to hear about the chickens. 😦

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