Sunday Update ~ Progress! and much rambling.


After an entire week of no progress I actually have some this week! I’ve been trying to wake up a little earlier than the kids, which means about 5am most days so get in some writing, tweeting, blog posts etc. It’s working well but honestly by 8pm I’m ready to crash.

Thursday I was up at 5 am and I wrote just over 800 words on a WIP, then wrote another just under 500 on a Flash Fiction piece for the blog. I also mowed the lawn for about 15 minutes so there’s some exercise! A few tweeps and I are trying to start an online critique group which is severly interesting because one is in Aussie, one Europe (and here I show my superiorly poor geography skills, is Turkey considered Europe?), me in the US and another gal on the opposite coast. Should be lots of fun if we can get the logistics figured out.

Friday I was up at 4:40 am(UGH!) I wrote a 700 word episode in Faylinn’s Chronicles for the blog which is 6 days late but who’s counting? I don’t think anyone is actually reading it so I suppose it doesn’t matter. Hooray for low expectations! I also start with the Jenny Food. I was so hungry all. day. long. My stomach started eating itself. Which I suppose is a good thing.

Saturday I slept till 7 which totally threw my day off. I ended up going to the store for a new Wii remote and getting the family a pizza (I had a Jenny food pizza) and didn’t get home until 1:45. I spent the rest of the day with what I am fairly certain was warm pudding in my head. Needless to say, pudding has limited thought processing. I did get 240 words of the next Faylinn written up for Monday, found a new flash fiction promp site and started a few blog posts (meaning they got a title and a scheduled date)  then I settled into bed at 7pm with a fully charged ereader and a pair of yoga pants.

Sunday I slept past 7 this time. UGH! I still haven’t made up the 5 blog post replies for fellow ROW80’ers from Wednesday so I’m making that up today by doing 10 or more. Sorry to all those that posted Wednesday, I’m being a bad support person. *slaps hand* I’d like to figure out how to generate more interest in my little ol’ blog. Really get some interesting content going. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share! please. I’m begging you.

Oh and the online critique group has a hashtag!

There are still things I need to get caught up on. Mainly my reading, especially the ROW80 reviews I had planned to do on Fridays. I need to figure out where Faylinn is going so I can actually write it. I want to do more flash fiction. I’ve been getting good responses on the two I’ve done so far and they are a lot of fun but I don’t want to make the mistake I did with Faylinn and end up spending all my time writing flash. I can get really engrossed in things really easily.

I’d also like to take some time for reading craft books, I have a slew of them just sitting waiting as well as a lecture packet on developing character emotions I need to get working on. Hubby has agreed to let me have a weekned here and there completely away from everyone. At a hotel. OMG. I’m thinking probably not more than Friday night through Sunday afternoon and twice a year but Holy Cow! twice a year! I need to figure out logistics on that, financing etc. Some of the daily deal sites have great opportunities if I’m not too broke when it comes up (a recent one was 2 nights in Daytona Beach for $105, on the beach!) Which I’m hoping -beaches aside- that I can really work on some writing in a clear space.

Sorry to ramble.


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  1. Takes a bit of practice to get up early. Just know that you aren’t alone. I get up at 2 am on work days and between 3-5 on my “days off”. The benefits are tremendous, but yes, there are some days when by 7-8 P.M. I could fall asleep standing up.

    Turkey is considered Eurasian but the majority of the country is officially in Asia.

    Best of luck with the critique group. Have a great week, Crystal 🙂

    • I don’t think I can do 2am. Mainly bc my computer is in the bedroom which will wake up the baby and the husband. If I get up at 5, I have 2 hrs battery power on the laptop to use which works out because the kids are usually up at 7am.

      Thanks for the geography lesson, Gene!

  2. I’ll say amen to Gene’s point about it having to be a habit to get up early. And by the way, Gene, I am impressed–I felt all virtuous getting up at 5am!

    As for the lack of interest in the blog–I’d say a couple of things. 1) I’ve read Faylinn’s Chronicle, but haven’t commented (sorry), and I am very sure I’m not alone. 2) I went through the same thing during my Slough of Despond, but I realized later that I shouldn’t throw in the towel, but regroup. In my own case, I started blogging before many people knew I existed, so it wasn’t surprising that no one was reading the blog. I am also rethinking some of the topics. It make take a little time for people to find your blog, but I wouldn’t give up yet.

    Great news on the critique group! I hope the start of your week is a good one, Crystal.

    • Thanks for reading the serial, I appreciate you letting me know. I’ve never written like this before, where I’m actually sharing what I have with very little edits and no real goals.

  3. I don’t know if I could ever get up that early and be productive! I tried early morning writing once and it went terribly but think I should try it again before I give up on it entirely! It might be very useful during NaNo!

    Hope you have a good week and get back into your usual morning pattern. Thank youfor stopping by my blog!

    • Hi Em, that morning time is just about all the quiet I get in a day. Right now I’m listening to Tangled in the background, the kids fighting over Wii and the cat trying to walk across the keyboard.

  4. I’ve been a bit slow on getting to your Faylinn serial, but they are starred and waiting for me! I am still doing my happy dance over our critique group — now I just need to, er, write something that is ready to be critiqued.

    Also, have you seen the posts about the writers’ platform-building campaign? I’ve just signed up, and so far met dozens of great bloggers who are new and interested in helping each other build up a readership. The explanation is here:

    • Yes, I just joined the campaign today. I’m not quite sure how it works so it might take me a little to get going with it.

  5. Wow, that is some challenge, writing with five kids! I applaud you! I was never able to get up early myself. I’m a night creature, that’s all there is to it.

    Congrats on all the words and have a great week!

    • no matter how hard I try and the fact the kids have never, ever had to wake up to go to daycare/school they still all manage to get up by -or before- 7am. Sleeping in isn’t an option for me so a couple hours earlier isn’t a huge deal but still something to have to get used to.

  6. Kudos for getting up that early! I wouldn’t. 😛 I’ve been staying up late writing, which also isn’t something I want to make a habit of. That is so sweet that your husband is willing to support you by giving you some alone time for writing. Nice word counts!

    • I’m going to try for one in October. Even just an inexpensive hotel near home makes a huge difference. My last overnight trip was last Sept for my bday and I did get quite a bit done though it wasn’t really for writing. My birthday is in a few weeks so this 1st trip will be for that, I’m thinking Mother’s Day and my bday trips overnight away from everything to recharge, refocus.

  7. Crystal -it sounds like a very busy week, so what you have achieved despite all the mayhem is actually fantastic! You are doing a fab job.

    And yep Gene is right to point out the geographics of Turkey (some say its European (thats the postal rules for you), others declare it Asian (still having debates if Turkey should be part of the EU). Luckily I am in England -saves the confusion 🙂 I’m looking forward to the critique group too -loots to do 🙂

    • Oh I struggle with the getting up early routine -though I think I’m getting better as days goes by -as long as I sleep by 10-11pm the latest (something I’ve failed today -ooops!)

  8. Don’t say NOBODY is reading Faylinn! I read it every time. And I love it! When you get done with it, you should make it into a novel or novella (depending on the length) and publish it.

    It sounds like you really have made some progress both with writing and with your eating/exercise habits. I really wish I could get up early (to excercise…I write better in the evenings) but that bed feels so good and I don’t want to get out of it until I have to. LOL.

    • Oh I’m so sorry Lauralynn! I was actually just telling hubby about you and how you comment on all my serial installments. ((hugs)) There is a short installment coming in the morning (less than 400 words) but Tuesday there’s BIG HAPPENINGS!!! 1400 words and major development. It’s the point that I’ve been trying to get to, that place where things will really start changing/happening more rapidly. Even if you were my only reader forever I’d treasure you and work to make you entertained. 🙂

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