Wednesday Update or lack there of and photos!


Oh! fellow ROW peeps, I have made zero progress since last Wednesday. I also missed Sunday’s check in. Never finished (so never published) the next Faylinn serial. It’s currently sitting in my drafts file half written. Haven’t really been promoting anything through anywhere and haven’t even really been reading.

I think I am still processing the conference call from Thursday night to be honest. Everything in my life has suddenly ground to a halt.

So, what have I done? Well, I got Author photos taken which was the highlight of the past week sans conference call. Sydney Frost, my mutli-talented friend snapped these of me for a deal that included chicken eggs. She sent them to me last night and now I have to pick one to be THE photo. The face I’ll show to the world on all these social networking sites.

And I can’t pick which one to use. So, here is a fun little contest with the lovely prize of you getting to gloat about being one of the ones to choose which photo I’ll use. I’ve narrowed it down to a measly four.








So there you go, in the comments let me know which you pick and I’ll make a bar graph cause I just love making graphs of things. Highest votes will become my profile picture on this blog, Smashwords, Scribd, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter and whatever else comes along! You know, no pressure or anything. I’ll take votes until Friday morning so I can spend the weekend updating all these places with the new awsome photo.
I also worked out all of once. For 10 minutes I lifted weights and stretched between sets. I barely made it for the whole ten minutes. Then I joined Jenny Craig. Because I need to take some things off my plate (har, har) and yes, I know the food is sub-par and expensive and nothing I can’t do for myself but I cannot count calories or points or anything like that. I just can’t. I start obsessing. So, I get a box out of the freezer and wah-lah! dinner for me without that pesky thinking business. I’m only doing it for the next 6 weeks while I implement some working out. Until I get to a point that I can free up brain space to think about these types of things. Hopefully, I can loose a few pounds and not be completely overwhelmed starting both a lower calorie *diet* and exercise regime.
And now I am justifying my actions to strangers because I already started getting slack from my friends.
There is my Wednesday check in. Now VOTE! And go RT and tell your friends.

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  1. Man, this is so hard to choose! There are good arguments for each photo. Hmmmm. I think I actually like #2 the best, but part of your head is cut off. Is the original photo like that?

    And if you want to join Jenny Craig, that’s great. You do what you need to do. I used to work for Weight Watchers, and I know different plans work for different people.

    • yes, these are all the original photos. My Jenny food is supposed to come today and I bought a scale *gasp*. Hubby thought it was broken when I stepped on it. I was like “um…no, that’s right.” So, if I can kick start this thing right, hopefully I’ll be a more managable size just in time for the holidays and our week long trip to Disney :O

  2. Ohhh I get to judge photos! *cackles gleefully*

    You have very expressive eyes. 🙂 I like photos 3 and 4 best. Is there a way you could make 3 more upright?

    After glancing at your “Work In Progress” and “Writings,” you seem to write more on the dark side. Photo 4 is a more serious, piercing look, matching the “dark.” Photo 3 has more of a playful, humorous look. But of course it all depends on the look you want to convey. They’re great photos, I would use more than one! 🙂

    • I never really thought about it, but yeah, I guess I do write more on the darker side. I won’t taint the voting with saying which I like best. I have them all so I can rotate them or use others later if I wanted, she didn’t give me restrictions on use.

  3. Hi Crystal

    Good luck getting back to the writing.

    I choose photo #4

    In #1 you’re looking for that spider to land (Little Miss Muffet)
    In #2 you worry if somebody know that fart was you
    In #3 you look like Cedric just asked you for a first date in grade 3

    In #4 you look like a serious (mysterious?) writer, somebody to be reckoned with.

  4. Good luck with Jenny Craig! I know what you mean — all of the counting and measuring and whatnot is enough to drive a person crazy.

    And oooooh, pretty pictures! I vote for #3 or #4, and I agree with the above assessments on #4 — quite serious and a bit mysterious. But again, it’s all about the vibe you’re going for. I think they’re all lovely photos.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  5. It seems a few writers have had difficulties with writing this week -I’m sure you will get back on track; you’ve been pretty busy it seems:)

    I like pic 1 (from an arty perspective -and i’m quite partial to profile’ -besides this has an air of mystery to it). Having said that front-on pics are usually better for what you are looking for so I vote no 2 and 4 😀

  6. Picking an author pic is progress. It deals with writing, and stuff. #3 and #4 are my favs. 3 is more fun, 4 is definitely a more serious take. They are all very good. Congrats!

  7. I’m voting #4. You look great in that photo, and it’s a straightforward shot. If the purpose is for people to feel like they know you a bit, I think that #4 communicates that. I also liked #3 though – a little quirkier and winsome.

    Best wishes on the ROW80!

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