Wednesday Writing Tools & Update


I have to admit that lately all my writing tips have been gleamed from myriad articles and blog posts from people on Twitter. I like these because I can read them, and get some pertinent information, in a few minutes. I don’t like these because I end up just reading them all the time and not actually writing. I need to find a balance.

For this week’s writing tools, I’ve picked out a couple good ones that have helped me figure somet things out.

Here is a good article about people (other than yourself) you should have on your self-publishing team. I’m not sure where I am going to find these people though. I think this would help me focus more on writing than working on cover art, editing (other than tightening up what I’ve already written), etc. that is becoming time wasting for me.

And here is an excellent tip post about exposition.

Something that is not exactly a writing tool but I’m going to add here anyway, is a new group I’m joining through Tara has written an a-friggin-mazing ebook/workbook for self discovery. This is the catalyst that started me seriously writing a few months ago. It has helped me to realize the self-defeating characterists I hold that prevent me from doing what I feel called to do. She now has a tribe. I want to join it. I might find those souls I need for my writing team, who knows.

For my ROW80 update things haven’t been too hot. I worked on an actualy WIP this morning and when I entered in my word count in my excel spreadsheet is said I wrote 1600 words. I have a feeling I didn’t do that many today and that I might have written on another day and can’t remember and didn’t enter the wc but at this point I’m taking that as a win and marking today being done. I have to get ready for my son’s speech therapy shortly.

I haven’t worked out, yet. I have done the social media goals and blogging goals. I have been better about trying to accomplish more each day (Twitter and Facebook still are big time wasters. But in my defense, I think I enter a time warp whenever I log on.) I’ve been organizing my home and paring down like a fool.

A big thing I am having a hard time with (but also not a hard time with which is part of the problem) in writing is this serial I started last Wednesday. I’ve gotten some really great feedback about it and I have to say that it has opened me up to some writing techniques that I felt I lacked before. Mainly, droning on about things trying to fill space and word counts. In the serial, which I’ve made each post between 500-1200 words, things have to happen. I can’t have 600, 900, 1200 words of nothing. It’s boring. Descriptions have to be short. Feelings have to be portrayed in a few words instead of paragraphs of prose. There is minimal dialogue since she’s recapping  her day, so each word uttered has to matter, has to push the story forward. But it still has to flow, make sense, be complete and interesting since each “episode” is read unto itself with lots of real life human time between them.

I have to have something for the reader to want to come back to.

But it’s taking up a lot of brain space. I haven’t been able to work on any WIP’s because I’m constantly thinking of what is going to happen next. I wrote over 1200 words on Sunday and Tuesday another 1300. This is keeping with my 750 words 4x a week goal but not on my work in progress. I’m really having a good time with this though. The excitement I’m getting in feedback is reverberating with me. I think the anticipation of what’s to come -with other’s going along with me- makes the serial just that much more interesting to write. It won’t go on forever though, I already have a rough idea of where the story is going but I haven’t outlined it other than in my head. I’m trying to stay detached from the outcome so that much of what happens is a surprise for me as well.

If you’ve ever thought of doing something like this, I highly recommend it. I just wish my WIP’s didn’t suffer so.

If you haven’t read my serial and are interested, I created it’s own page where you can read each post chronologically all together. Just click on Faylinn’s Chronicles at the top. Tomorrow there’s another episode coming out which will get added after it’s published.

That’s it for me today. Where are you with your goal? Have you gotten side tracked?


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  1. Sounds like you are doing well overall, despite the side tracks. I’ve experienced a few of those as well but I look at it as time to brew a story that is on hold. I’m learning that the point is that we make progress and you certainly are. I doubt any writer thinks the pace of progress is fast enough.

    Have a great week Crystal 🙂

  2. Even if your words are on your WIP atleast you are writing something which I figure can only be a good thing. Atleast you are writing which is the main thing.

    I too will be trying to squeeze my exercise in between now and sundays check-in! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  3. Yay for hitting some of those goals! I think sometimes we forget to celebrate the little steps. I’ve noticed that I get too caught up in what I didn’t do – which is kind of negative – rather than appreciate what I did do.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Yes, I’m getting better and getting up ridiculously early has helped my word count (though I tend to make more gramatical and spelling mistakes!).

  4. There are different ways to cut your support team. I would be unable to work without my wife’s support. Not only does she allow me the space to create, she also understands story and is my consulting story strategist.

    I have a sister in law as an editor and I have enough design and web experience to handle the rest. Except for printing but with digital books and pod that is no problem at all.

    I pity people that have skills in unrelated fields and have to source everything else. Maybe a barter system is a way to go for indie writers.

  5. I am loving your serial so far! I understand, though, about getting sidetracked from the main WIP. I say that if you’re having fun with the serial, and if you’re also learning new skills as a writer, not to feel guilty. The WIP is still sitting in your mind, and when you return to it, you’ll have lots of fancy new tricks to make things better. 😀

    Have a great rest of the week!

    • there’s a new episode coming out tomorrow early AM and I’m writing out one for Saturday! I’m thinking within a month this will be wrapped up. Maybe not. This is also a good lesson to let the story go as long as it needs to. I have no word count limit or goal which is surprisingly refreshing and the feedback is what keeps me motivated to write. One hard part is trying to not write about things I havent mentioned before because I can’t go back and foreshadow. At all. Which is also good because I tend to get caught up doing stuff like that and the story never advances.

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