Sunday 8/14


Goal updates

Fitness – have done nada. In my defense, I might be getting P90X soon and plan to get my eliptical out of storage next month so I can at least have access to something cardio in the home. Have I mentioned it’s Hellmouth Hot in Florida? 90 degrees F at 7pm at night does not work for me. We’re hoping to move early next spring. Crossing my fingers for Washington state.

Writing– I made my 750 goal only three times this week on my WIP instead of the min of 4 times I initially said last Sunday. BUT (there’s a lot of “buts”) I exceeded the 750 each time and my impromptu idea of Faylinn and her journal entries have taken up some writing time. I had only planned on a few times a month but the feedback I’ve recieved so far has encouraged me to do more, I have 2 posts of her’s up since Wednesday each between 5-700 words and a new post tomorrow already written and scheduled that is just over 1000. If you’re interested in reading them, they are in chronilogical order starting this past Wednesday and you can find them all tagged the same in the cloud on the right.

My short story Krista is up on Kindle for .99. I wanted to make it free but cannot figure out how to reduce the price for the life of me. Though one of my very awesome and dear family friends purchased it anyway, read it and said they loved it. It’s quite a heavy piece I think and I know it will be a difficult read for many. Hell, it was a difficult write.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be able to search and find your story on Amazon. I know I self-published but still, it feels like an accomplishment. One more thing that defines Capital W- Writer.

I also updated all the Scribd stories I have available with the new cover art.

Blog– I have updated the blog with a page outlining Works in Progress as well as added the cover art to the Writings page.

Reading– I reviewed my first ROW80 piece Friday, done by Kait Nolan. Since then I have read Ecstatic Evil by Amanda McNeil, not a fellow ROW80 but a kindred spirit, The Electrifying Exploites of the English Three by Elysabeth Williams and the first of the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. This is my first foray into steampunk and I am throughly enjoying it.

Social Networking – I have made time each day to go on Twitter and have made my goal of commenting on at least 5 other ROW80 Wed/Sun updates. I’m picking these at random off the Linky and Twitter so that I’m not always hitting the same 5 people. I’m still also trying to figure out hash tags and the like.

In all my goal progress, and life in general, I have tried to keep certain things in mind. I have been reading and rereading, trying to apply these tactics for self-discipline from Kristen Lamb’s blog.

So, there you have it. What are you working on this week? Did you make your goals?


About C.M. Cipriani

Crystal is a thirty-something mom of five. Super overachiever, bookworm, fabric hoarder, homeschool teacher, wife, gardener, and writer all while trying hard not to be a short-order cook.

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  1. Thank! Oh, great. I do hope you enjoy it. I am nervous about putting it out there because the material is quite heavy.

  2. If you want to make something free on Amazon, then have it free somewhere else, then report a lower price on Amazon and they will make it free. There’s somewhere to click on the page to report it.

    I understand about the heat. We are having the same kind of weather in the Southeast. Hot and humid! I bought a new bicycle and haven’t even ridden it yet because it’s too hot.

    It sounds like you’re making a lot of progress in a lot of areas. Good job!

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