Of many hats


I am currently trying to rework my daily/weekly/monthly/life goals. One thing that I probably won’t mention a whole lot just because this isn’t that blog, is the fact that I have five kids ages 9 to 2.5, that are homeschooled and the youngest seems to be headed into special needs.

My initial daily goal was 750 words on my current WIP. This isn’t such a bad goal, really. It’s enough to get a full scene down, not too much to make it impossible but still enough words where I’m not just flinging a few sentences on a page and having done with it. It’s a complete thought. And I’ve had a hard time getting it together recently.

It’s also not as high a goal as others have. Which is okay. 750 words would give me a decent sized paperback in the course of about 100 days, if I was able to stick to the goal every day.

I think part of the problem is that I wear quite a few hats. Not real ones, the hats of jobs that are my duties each day; cleaning, cooking, teaching, accounting, etc. When any one of those hats takes up too much time, it’s hard to find space on my head for the Writing Hat. It’s not a priority like teaching my eight year old how to skip count.* It doesn’t save us money like deal hunting does. Or make sure the animals are fed, the eggs are collected from the hens each day, the bills gone out on the right days, the laundry washed or the dishwashing soap ordered.

But it’s a hat I need to put on. It’s one I have to find time for. I just need to figure out where in my day it will be worn. There is extremely little quite or down time at my house (for me, at least). ** The baby doesn’t go down until midnight some nights, I’m awoken sometimes half a dozen times for various nightmares and potty accidents and even after pulling ever trick in the book, the kids are all always awake by about 7am. I need my sleep, folks. Nine year olds don’t really care for nap time so writing during that precious time is out.  Staying up later or waking earlier isn’t going to cut it. I’m already this close to an IV caffiene pump.

So, what are your tricks to working in wearing that Writing Hat you can’t live without? Do any of you homeschool or have multiple kids or just really demanding jobs? How do you revolve writing around your schedule?

* I got distracted tying a 4 year old's shoes
**Writing about the hens reminded me to get the eggs. I got distracted collected eggs and then eating a sandwich. With Avocado.


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