Wednesday Writing Update


I missed Sunday’s check in. Honestly, my life is just all consuming right now which is not an excuse. I need to get my head together and get out of this slump.

Which is what it is, a slump. It’s not my life in total and it will change. I need to look ahead while keeping myself centered in the NOW.

I’ve decided to revamp my ROW80 goals and my life goals in general. I think I need this. I think it’ll be good. But I won’t have them ready until next Sunday’s update.

One thing I have decided is devoting a blog post a week to reviewing a fellow ROW80’s previous works. I have one ready, I just need to write it. I might add in other self-publishing/digital/Indie/etc. writers as I see fit. I want to support other’s work and I think this is a good way to do it. (you know, besides buying the material, which I’ll do).

So, if you have some short stories, Kindle published works, free downloads or whatever that you’d like to get promoted, just let me know what it is and where I can obtain it! I’ll let you know when I put up the review.


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  1. Hope your ears are feeling better! Good idea about reviewing fellow rowers stuff. I’ve read a few and haven’t had time to review yet. Will have to get on that. Hope things start looking up.

    • I have one work that I puchased and need to get up from Kait Nolan which will probably be this weeks ROW80 review. I’m looking at purchasing Highway to Hell from Alex Laybourne next.

  2. I agree with Robin–what a great idea to review fellow ROWers. I am going to do some reviews of the ones I;ve read. I also want to support this group wholeheartedly.

    Now do ya really want my stuff about early medieval lapidaries (LOL, just kidding!).

    Also, congratulations on revamping the goals. I had to tweak mine, and I’m trying to compose life list goals as well.

    Here’s hoping your slump is soon over! 🙂

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