Map Making and ROW80 update


In my current WIP I have created a fictional world. I really enjoy the process of world building. Envisioning the people that might live there, the cultures, dress, manufacturing, religious views. Things become real because you will it to be. I like that. I guess I like being God.

One of the problems with making a world is making it truly real. I am an okay artist but I am a terrible cartographer. A few months ago I went looking for an answer to my problem and found software put out by ProFantasy which is literally for world building. Though the company caters to RPG (roll playing gaming) there is really no reason that these programs can’t be used for writers.


There is a pretty steep learning curve to the program and many additional programs where you can get terribly detailed in cities, dungeons, etc. I try not to spend too much time creating my world rather than writing it but I have found that this really helps give a sense of permanence, real-ness, to the places I create in my head. That writing seems easier because I know there is a cliff/mountain/forest/city right there and my characters can go play in it.

As for my current Work in Progress. I’m still sick. But I’m on the mend. The only writing I’ve been able to do has been a few hundred words on the *other* story that zapped me last week. And that’s just because it’s in the shiny newness stage and I didn’t have to think about it too much.


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    • Even shiny newness is having a hard time capturing my attention today. I don’t think there’s much hope for writing today, I’m a little emotional after talking to the speech therapists today.

  1. Glad you found a solution to your problem. Although I love worldbuilding as the next writer, I use real, modern settings so, not much work with topography there. Creating creatures and what makes them tick, however, is something I get to do a lot. 😀
    Best of luck with your writing.

    • You also need the Zinc troop and Ecinacea Platoon. I also take Sambucus or Sambucol syrup when I feel something coming on. It helps with duration and severity

  2. That software looks like it could be fun. As long as it comes with lots of directions, I could learn it. I just hate programs that expect me to fiddle around and figure it out all on my own. Sadly too many are like that, and no way to tell until after spending the money.

    Hope you feel better soon. 😀

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