Scrivener, I would be lost without you


For those of you that are interested in writing anything there is an amazing piece of software out there that can help. (I am not affiliated with this program in anyway, just FYI). I stumbled upon it after my 2009 NaNoWriMo winner rewards were posted. I could have gotten the Mac version then for a discount but I don’t use a Mac (though damn if I didn’t lust after those candy colored desktops). We tried to circumnavigate around that by a terribly complex process that made my PC think it was a Mac but only kinda and then I couldn’t print.

I cannot even imagine what my writing would be like (well, actually I can, it’d be much like that terribly mashed together 50,000 words written in Word that I threw together that November in 2009, ::shudder::) without Scrivener. This summer they put out a FREE beta version for Windows.


Click on the photo above to take you to the site where you can download it for free. If you do have a Mac you can still get your hands on a 30 day free trial. They are so confident in their products they let you try them first, how many programs let you do that?I have been using it successfully for months now and plan to purchase it when they have the non-beta release (and then it’ll be priced around $45 US) .

There is a bit of a learning curve,  just with any program and they are still working out the kinks in beta but overall the program is a really wonderful way to finally get whatever you have been wanting to write put down in black and white. The new program has a built-in name generator and meaning dictionary and some new templates for character and setting sketching which I hadn’t seen in the older Mac version.

This program has been key to me getting my jumbled thoughts together, I’ll have to post photos of my notebooks so you can see the usually diabolically chaotic way I organize my outlandish thoughts. Scrivener puts them all in neat little folders for me soothing the OCD Virgo that lives somewhere inside me.


*Image credit to Literature and Latte.

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