Dead Winter


I have a new document up for free download/read on Scribd. It is the prologue to the series I have started writing. There are two books in various states of completion, one is nearing 40,000 words but I have sputtered out on it after the first part. I had planned to do that book as a trilogy and this prologue would be for the beginning of a spin off series that takes place on a group of islands off the mainland which are mostly secluded from what is happening there.

This prologue sets up the series and is the catalyst for the series. I am still in the process of worldbuilding -which is a fairly daunting task- and trying to revive that spark that ignited the first 40k words by exploring the other facets of the realm. What is so entirely fascinating about world building is that while I have a general idea of what I want to have happen and who will be there, it’s as though it takes on life, that my imaginings of one cell split to two, then triple and so on all on it’s own. Writing is a very organic process, but sometimes growth doesn’t happen in the direction you want it to.

I’ll be speaking more about this series in the future. I’m sure it needs some polishing, I’m a writer not an editor.  I look forward to any constructive criticism (there is a key word in there).

So, without further ado, as much as my insides are protesting, here is the link to the first 2,360 words. 

Dead Winter


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