A Round of Words in 80 Days


So, of course, I am late. While getting caught up in writing researching today I stumbled upon a more reasonable solution to NaNoWriMo, A Round of Words in 80 Days. The goals are personally set and check in is twice a week. Sounds do-able.

My neurotic love affair with NaNo centers specifically around the glorious Word Count Tracker. I would make babies with bar graphs if I could, so deep runs my love of their visual informativeness. I geeked out and made one in Excel. It’s not as trick considering I have absolutely no idea how to make the graph with a finite end and a perky little line that denotes when I’m not making goal but it serves the purpose of showing me I am actually making progress. God, I love the leaps between bars.

So, eighty days and no reason to neglect my kids and/or burn a turkey because my fingers are trailing a blistering path along keys vomiting out whatever nonsense dumps into my head in order to meet a goal that really has no significance. Sounds good.

My goal will be 5,000 words a week which at my current rate is about 1.5 chapters give or take. I’ll also allow myself the word count in world building since I have to create my own myths and legends and will write those in short stories. Character and setting descriptions aren’t going to count. That means I should be at 2,500 words or so at each check in on Wendesdays and Sundays.

That would give me just over 700 words a day (we’ll round out the goal to 750) and a total of 60,000 words by the end. Considering I have written 4,265 words this week so far and we’re 10 days into the 80, I’m only about 3250 behind. I’ll just have to work a little harder on some days I suppose.


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